The Time For Excuses Is OVER

As you may know, we held Engage Today 2011 this past weekend, and it was an absolutely life-changing experience for me.

We had almost 200 people come from about 14 countries to learn from some of the greatest marketing and business growth minds in the world.

But the amazing thing is that the biggest lessons weren’t shared on stage.

No – the greatest lessons of all were actually taught to us all by some of the people who were in the audience.

I wanted to share with you what I personally took away from this event, because it truly was a life-changing moment in my life that I’ll never forget.

This is the story of Pascal ..

While there were dozens of incredible stories from the event that I could tell you about, the one that touched me most was a gentleman named Pascal. Part of what made him unique was that he came all the way to Denver from Nairobi, Kenya, to attend our event.

He brought his son with him, and travelled about 12,000 miles just to place himself in such an optimistic, positive environment where he could surround himself with like-minded, success-oriented people.

He didn’t use all the excuses that he could have .. that it was too far to travel. That he was too busy in his business. That he wasn’t sure he’d get the value out of it.


He decided that he was ready to step up and do something different. So he did, and he brought his son with him, who is going into college soon.

At one point in the program, Pascal went to the microphone to ask a question, and briefly explained that he was a farmer in Kenya, and he was trying to determine his best business strategy – to remain a farmer, to perhaps become a distributor to help other farmers get their crops sold, or even looking at taking the local market goods to other countries.

He, like most people, was there for clarity and to focus on his greatest opportunities. And, like many, he was seeking confidence.

His motivation was to truly HELP people.  To help his fellow farmers create a life for their families, and help improve the lives of people in Africa.

People were impressed that he had come all that way to attend the event, and his commitment to not just building a business, but also helping others.

The truth is, most people wouldn’t drive across town to attend an event like this, never mind put themselves on a plane to a far-away country, without really knowing what to expect.

Most people let the weakest excuse (or what they call “a good reason”) stop them from taking the step they most desperately need to take.  And that’s why, sadly, most people live ordinary, or dare I say it .. mediocre lives.

If they only had the faith and courage to step into it, and STOP making excuses .. they would give themselves the chance to transform, and to transform the world.

But Pascal decided, it was TIME.

He wouldn’t allow any excuse or reason to stand in his way.

Near the end of the event, he quietly asked my business partner Kourosh if he could present me with a token of his appreciation. Kourosh said absolutely, and I had no idea what was coming.

Pascal stepped up to the microphone, and explained how our event had changed his life in so many ways. He explained how important it was for him to help the people of Africa, and that what he had learned in The Authority Formula, and at the live event, would enable him to change the lives of thousands of people at home.

I started to tremble because of the absolute epiphany I had at that moment – that through my teaching and pursuing my passion, I was enabling Pascal (and many like him) to shape and change the lives of many others, and even future generations.

You could literally see the courage and confidence in his eye as he spoke and become very emotional. The pride of his son being there was clear, and I literally broke down on stage as he was speaking.

He asked if he could present a picture to me, and came on stage. He brought a picture all the way from Africa of 3 milk jugs pouring into each other, and explained that milk is truly the gift of life in Africa.

Pascal and Greg at Engage Today 2011He explained that, like milk allowing one generation to give life to the next, sharing knowledge and information with the next generation empowers them to be successful and happy.

This photo was taken of Pascal and I on stage, with me holding the painting he had given me of the 3 milk jugs.  You may be able to tell that we were both emotional at this point. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire room.

And then, his son went to the microphone, and said that he had never told his father publicly that he loved him. And that day, he told Pascal “Dad, I am proud of you and I love you” in front of the entire audience.


I will never forget this moment of my life, when a quiet, thoughtful and incredibly well spoken man changed my entire view of what I do – and helped me understand why it’s so important.

And here’s where the story becomes
even MORE amazing….

We had given away a couple of iPads during the event for those who committed to doing the work in the program, and one of those people happened to be sitting near Pascal and his son. When the event ended, Debbie Co went and gave away the brand new iPad she had just won to Pascal and his son. She didn’t tell anyone, and was embarrassed when I asked her about it later.

This just gives you a small glimpse into the incredible energy that we had in the event, and the kind of people that were there. And for all of you who were in attendance, I’m genuinely grateful for making this the best event we’ve ever had.

Why This Story Matters

The thing I realized in that moment is that there is NOTHING like being an entrepreneur. Forget about the wealth, the freedom and everything . Sure, they’re great, but Pascal taught me that day what it’s REALLY all about.

It’s about giving, and helping others.

It’s about having the COURAGE to step up and share your message and your gift.

It’s about pushing through your excuses and reasons, and realizing that it isn’t about YOU.

It’s about all the people out there that are waiting, DESPERATE for the help and inspiration that you can give them.

If ONLY you can step past your own selfish fears and concerns.

If ONLY you can get over yourself, and realize that you DO have the ability to change someone’s life.

I’ve said this before, and let me say it again:

If you want to change the world,
don’t try to change the world.

Change one person’s world.

Then another.

And then another.

THAT is how you change the world.

YOU have the ability to make positive things happen in someone else’s life.

It’s your OBLIGATION to contribute value and support to other people you share the earth with.

And the most incredible thing is that when you do this, not onl do you get the immensely fulfilling response and feedback like I received from Pascal, but the world rewards you for contributing your value and brilliance.

It’s time to STOP thinking small, to stop playing small, and letting your excuses get in the way of the value creation you’re capable of!

What’s holding YOU back right now?

I owe a debt of gratitude to Pascal, and all the people who were at the event. While I gave them knowledge, insight and tools for their businesses, they gave me a much more precious gift.  And that is knowing that I am making a difference, and having an impact.

Post a comment and share with me how you’re deciding RIGHT NOW in the moment that it’s YOUR time, and you’re not going to let your own excuses or insecurities keep you from changing lives in the world!



  1. Emina said:

    Wow! I was sobbing at the event when Pascal got up to introduce his gift to you and I am crying again, because I have never felt the energy from people like I did in Denver at your event. For the first time in a long time I was myself and I felt no one was judging and everyone was so open to talking and sharing. I am so grateful that I was able to come, and now for sure I know and believe that I will make difference in this world. One day, One person at the time. Thank you for everything Greg.

  2. Baden said:

    Woo, great message. Photo read it in 10 seconds :)

    Taking action now, cya…

  3. Tal Rachleff said:

    Inspiring and moving story…thank you for sharing!

  4. I have given myself over to a higher power and im losing the weight and excercising. I feel happier making new friends in business and i look forward to a prosperous future and my past is dead.

  5. Elissa Joy said:

    WOW. Greg Your message came at JUST the right time. What an amazing journey for you and Pascal and his son… and what a power message you share from what happened at your event.

    How did you sharing this story really come to me at such a critical moment of MY life? How is it that I OPENED your email.. clicked on the link and read it? It IS my Time.

    My time to STEP OUT and stop being so darn afraid of reaching out and really helping people.. and being small inside myself everytime I back away.

    Here you share quite openly and passioately it;s time to just do it.

    My journey has been to get thiiiiiissssssss close to offering something out there.. and then shying back afraid and insecure of rejection, failure, being too ‘forward’ or gee..considered a fraud even.

    I am not selling a tangible. It seems harder when I am offering up my Healing and Coaching.. BUT that is just an excuse and a story I made for myself.

    It’s TIME. AND you are sooo right.. the stories and excuses are just getting in the way of helping people.. ( sometimes I just wish I had someone holding my hand as I pressed ‘send’ in an email.. or was there beside me as I spoke to people on the phone.. ( gee.. and as I write that there are whispers from my angels saying.. “THERE IS somebody right beside you all the time’. wow. Crying now at my silliness and knowing that I am not alone. but there are always suppoert.. I just have to let it in. )

    Thanks Greg.. a breakthrough for me too in this moment!! Sooo appreciating you sharing and being who you are.

    The power that we all have to uplift and change the world is immense.

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

  6. Lukasz said:

    This is a beautiful story Greg, and thank you for sharing it. Pascal showed true courage, and proved that nothing can’t stop a man, who knows where he’s going and what he wants. And fear is a killer of man’s dreams.

  7. Ebrahim said:

    Hi Greg, great post.

    I always wanted to change my life and also change the life of people around me. I always feel a burning desire to grow, Like a flower waiting to bloom.

    I have watched your videos and read your reports several time. I have learned many great things from you and my life is about to change. I have the vision to come and see you and I’ll sure it will happen very soon.

    Ebrahim from Iran. Hope to see Koroush too. Is he from Iran?

  8. Yes, he is originally from Iran! He’s my secret weapon though.. if I let people know how wise and smart he is, they would realize he’s really the brains behind our operation! :-)

  9. First… I got goose bumps when I read your email. I literally just wrote a blog post with the same message to my readers! Then while reading your blog post I felt a lot of emotions come up – You are so right about the whole purpose of being an entrepreneur. I feel like I sometimes forget, it is easy to get wrapped up in the business side of business… just yesterday I told myself I had begun to lose my way. I needed to reconnect with my people. That is the real wealth behind all of what we do. Thanks!

  10. Leslie said:

    Agreed! Pascal’s mini-speach was indeed the most memorable moment of the event. His was the biggest lesson of them all. Very humbling!

  11. Thank you for being there, and part of the energy. It was amazing!

  12. Hi Greg

    I have been really wanting to comment on your blog for a long time now and I just could not stop myself this time.
    Just wanted to say the story was amazing and if this guy can get off his ass and fly all the way to the Americas to accomplish what he was seeking, we really do not have any excuse for not being able to do whatever it is we wish to do.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post


  13. Hi Greg,

    I was at the event, and it was truly amazing!
    Watching Pascal give you the gift and his interaction
    With his son brought me and my wife to tears.
    We never know how our words and actions can
    Change someones life. I want to thank you, kourosh,
    And your team for putting on one of the best seminars
    I’ve ever been to in my life. Everything was top notch,
    From the venue, to the speakers, and the experience.
    You guys kick ass!!!! And I love the no b.s. Approach
    You guys take to success and life, it’s inspiring.

    Jason Borzouyeh

  14. Majka said:

    Hey Greg, very nice article about your experience from the event. I have let´s say the same experiences from the conferences of AIESEC organization / when some of the leaders shares his/her knowledge, experiences or shows the examples how the things work, how they can work and so on. The “leaders” sometimes don´t realize how they impact many people in the audience. And that´s what happend to you, I suppose.
    I´m usually that person who is sitting in the audience and listening to the “leader”. The thing is that I don´t utilize from my a-ha moments in the future. I realize the thought in the moment but don´t use it in the future. That means it stays passive, not active. I hope, you understand what I wanna say. Do you have some idea how can I solve this?

    Have a nice day,


  15. Sid, great to hear from you man. Thanks for all that you’ve done for us, and thanks for the feedback!

  16. I do understand, and the simple answer is GET ACTIVE. Stop letting it sit in your mind, and figure out how to share and magnify the message. Start a blog, share it with others who are less fortunate. Push it out there, because you never know where it will go and who it will affect.

  17. Beverley said:

    Wow, I was sobbing reading this! I am inspired by those who also want to help others. It is after reading about situations like this that I realize just how wonderful our world truly is. It is up to all of us to step up and take action, to do what we can to help each other.

  18. Reed said:

    Wow! What a powerful email, the positive vibes were attendant. Obviously, as you said it was a life changing moment and I am stepping up my game too.

  19. Ed Dougherty said:

    That was a moving story, that someone would travel that far on faith. I tend to get stopped and want to study some more, when I need to take action.

  20. Doc Seth said:

    I wasn’t at the event, but I could feel the energy of it from your post. Thank you for sharing it! I also had an epiphany over the weekend as I was finishing up a chapter in an up-coming book that’s about to get published.

    I realized that it’s impossible for me or ANYONE else out there to claim that we know what anyone else needs to be successful. We’re not God, and we’re not sitting in anyone else’s shoes but our own.

    But what I do know is that if EVERYONE will just sit down and understand who they are, and the enormous potential for good we all have, the rest will fall into place.

    I tell my 3 kids EVERY NIGHT before they go to bed,
    “You’re a son (or daughter) of God, born to be a King (or Queen). Remember who you are.”

    I truly feel that’s the most important lesson I can teach them.

    Thanks for a great post!

    ‘Doc Seth’ Gambee
    ~husband, dad, full-time ‘Elevator’~

  21. Barbara said:

    Hi Greg – It was an awesome weekend and it, too, changed my life. The exercise we did around “what would you do if you only had 6 months to live?” made me realize that I’m heading down the wrong path. Too bad I didn’t get that message before completing the first seven modules, purchasing the stationary and business cards, creating the website, etc. but hey, better late than never. I’m sure my next attempt will be much more authentic.

    I love your “victims need not apply” mentality, and I’ll look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  22. Wow, what a powerful message to pass onto your kids. Now that my son Cooper is old enough to understand what I am saying, I’m regularly telling him, “buddy you can be and do anything you want”, especially when he says he can’t do something because he’s too small. He’s only 3, but he already understands what I am saying to him. And when a kid grows up with that belief so deeply engrained, imagine how powerful that becomes as they grow into who they are.

  23. Well said! Thanks for your comment. It’s true .. it’s all about action, and getting past our own insecurities and fears. Not for us, but for the world!

  24. Greg Bjorgo said:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story, Greg. It reminds us that no matter how challenging it is to be an entrepreneur, we have the opportunity and responsibility to change people’s lives in a positive way. We can make a difference, and in experiences like this with Pascal and you, realize that our impact can be dramatic and far reaching. Now it’s time to get back to work, and continue to help those people that count on me to make a difference for them. Again, thanks for this uplifting lesson.

  25. Erick Cerda said:

    Greg, I truly believe the world’s consciousness is changing. We have all heard that the end of the world is coming (or least last week) and the Aztec calendar is predicting the end next year, etc. And I tend to agree, but with one slight difference. The OLD world is coming to an end. The NEW world of love, compassion, empathy, faith and trust is being born. I would be very happy to help in any way possible to create and participate in more events to change the world. Much love, Your Brother – Erick.

  26. judy said:

    Thank you for the inspiration…..I have been contemplating the purpose to my life and the reason I am still here, I know it is touching one life at at time, touching one person, one moment at a time…..and that is how I too will make a difference.
    Thank you for the confirmation and inspiration and giving another example of how we can all have compassion in our lives.
    With love light and laughter and smiles
    sincerely Judy.

  27. Bill said:

    Greg – could you take a picture of the 3 milk jug picture that Pascal presented to you so that we can download it and use it to remind ourselves about this wonderful story? It’s an easier reminder than having the text to read.

  28. Erick Cerda said:


    Amen. Yes, after going through a very difficult financial bust in the mortgage and real estate industry, I needed to gravitate to something to hold me and that something was the power of God. I am not completely out of it yet, but boy everyday looks so much brighter and the flowers and clouds look so vibrant now – truly amazing. We ARE kings and queens, you are so right and I am on a mission to help people realize this. Thank you and Greg for your powerful comments. Love your brother – Erick.

  29. annemarie said:

    Greg, this is the most inspiring post I’ve seen on your blog. The most moving for me is the fact that this gentleman is using your information to sustain life on earth. So many are creating wealth but we have pressing environmental concerns to address. The combination of abundance in both financial wealth and life sustaining resources is ideal. I hope others in your following are inspired to align their wealth with products and services that are good for people and the planet. My mission is to inspire humanity to reach it’s ultimate potential and I do this through my blog:

  30. Gary Harris said:


    Thank you for your timely message as it is an issue I have been dealing with all week. My intention was to contact people and sell products that I carry. Instead I received phone calls from people who were in need of emotional and physical healing, which I gladly accommodated.

    My first thought was, “should I be focusing on the selling product and putting more energy towards that”, which caused some stress; I was caught up with what I thought I should be doing vs. being me by helping others on a different level. The message became clear to me and your article brought it home. You are a true inspiration.

    Thank you and continued blessings,

  31. Dan said:

    Great Post Greg!

    That’s just the reminder I needed to stop playing small and see that what I do is at least as much about the people I can help as it is for myself, and actually so much more so.
    I know there are times that my perceived lack of confidence slows down my progress rather than seeing what I have to offer, and being willing to share.

    Keep up the great work you do!

    Best of Success,

  32. Wow Greg!!! I love your epiphany and story. I am a speaker too and I love to share my message about the Power of Inner Beauty and No Risks No Rewards. I got burnt when I was 2 yrs old on 75% of my body and learned throughout my life that my burns didn’t need to stop me from having a life. I learned that I deserved to have a life, just like everyone else did. And as a result of that overcame many obstacles and whenever a dream popped into my head, I found a way to get it.

    After many years of speaking informally, a year and a half ago, I was encouraged by my Champion Charmaine to be a professional speaker and share my message with others. It took a lot for me to get over my ego and let me believe that I was good enough to be a speaker and that I truly did have a message to share with others.

    I took Janet Attwood’s Passion Test workshop and she took my arms and said, “Kelly, your scars are your gift, use them, people need to hear your story and learn from you, be a speaker.”

    The first year I became a speaker, I had 2 events and the following 15 and now I’m expecting to go way beyond that. When I speak to women’s groups, I see them laughing and then cryinig and then laughing again and I get standing ovations and it brings me to tears knowing that people are truly benefiting from my stories. I love it and every time I speak, I want to speak again. I know I’m now living my passion and it is such a great feeling knowing that I’m helping others to find their inner beauty and to go for their dreams.

    Every time I speak, I get emails from people saying how much I inspired them and it feels awesome knowing I’m helping others. Even my daughter comes with me to hear me speak and she told me a few weeks ago how Katy Perry and I are her 2 biggest inspirations in her life.

    Thank you Greg for sharing this truly inspirational story, I am looking forward to sharing my story even more. I’ve had a few friends who are saying that I’m “too positive” for them and your blog post has given me even more inspiration to keep on going and to help the ones who want to be.

  33. What a moment that was! I was absolutely inspired and noticing where I have been playing small in my business and like you say Greg, making excuses. Not any more! Because of this event, your live coaching I am in action bigger than ever. I saw so much for myself, it’s clear now.

    Thank you Greg for sharing and creating the space to empower entrepreneurs!

    How does it get better than this?


  34. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of encouragement and passion and hope. There is such a strength in a group of people who all long for forward movement for themselves and others.

    WIsh I could have attended!

  35. Will do, great idea Bill. It’s already on my wall in my office but I’ll scan/photo it (and the amazing message Pascal wrote on the back).

  36. Mary J. Bevan said:

    Thank you for this inspirational sharing. You are right and I am guilty of not having the courage to step into my power. I have written 2 books, both of which have a message that many need to hear, yet I make excuses due to the overwhelming industry of book publishing. This man and his son are indeed an inspiration. No excuses!

  37. Gary Harris said:

    Elissa Joy,

    I can relate. You have a big heart!

  38. Duncan said:

    Attended the event in Denver from England and I don’t do tears, but let me tell you I was choking, trying to find a way to stop myself whaling becuase when I go I go. I spoke to his son the night before and said that he was blessed to be at such event at a young age and that in my own expirence had been a little crazy as well in that I nearly left on the Friday before the networking event. I glad I didn’t becuase from that night all sorts of things started to fall into place for me, I inttend to make a difference and a big one at that. Phil McKerman after giving up a large potion of his time to me said you don’t need a program Duncan you got everything you need right now, or something to that effect. Well knock me down withn a feather and Max Simon who had breakfast the next morning was on the money, also people in then audience who helped me see me, wow. To top that if you could Eben Pagen turns up on the Sunday and nails it within the first part of his speech something that hit me like Mike Tyson would of in his prime. Distraction, wow, alot learned and truly a remarkable expirence. Topped off can I say by getting backstage working passes for U2 and allowed in the main circle. Well worth sall the flying from england. A big thankyou to Greg and his team. Cheers Duncan

  39. Dawn King said:

    Beautifully and Boldly written, as always Greg. It was so moving to see you, Pascal and his son create such a connection and contribution to each other’s lives. The Secret to Living is…GIVING! Thanks for sharing this story and expecting all of us to STEP UP!
    The EXCUSE/HABIT I have just Kicked the Ass of is… I NO LONGER HAVE THE TIME for DISTRACTIONS!

  40. It was great to meet you Duncan, and appreciate you coming all that way! Glad it was worth it!

  41. Vanessa said:

    Greg, I have been following you for quite some time now and really appreciate your common sense approach to building a passion based business. This is a wonderful illustration of how we can have a much deeper and bigger impact when we leave our own stories and limitations behind, stand fully in our power and remain committed to contributing beyond self. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and heartfelt experience with us. Vanessa

  42. Richard said:

    Greg, the event was wonderful, but one event is not enough to get the job done. What is lasting for me were the personal connections I formed that can be sustaining. Now, when I post on the blog you will not be a face on the screen and I hope I will not be just that for you either. I’m going to need help along the way. As you’ve said to me several times, “It’s a process.” I’ve believe that you’ll be there.

    I took your advise and took some time off (to the top of Tower Mountain, whew, gasp!) to create some space — dang though, missed the Q&A.

    Realized I may not even know what I really like and what my big why is — I just want to survive. Poo, I teach this stuff!

    Both ends are fuzzy: What I can do and what the market wants — I have some ideas from Vishen. Perfect for what I’m about, I think.

    I think if I start blogging and posting reviews and comments about the process of making creative results happen for people it may help me find my market. What do you think?

  43. IVONNE B. said:

    This website is not finish yet but I am a survivor of brain tumor and I would like to educated and inspire others with my personal story and the tools I use during my healing. It is very important to share and help others with alternatives way of healing besides the traditional drugs.

    I would like to find some one to help to put my photos and story and links.
    I think I needed to read the story of Pascal because that is also my purpose to help others.

    Thank you for the information

  44. Heather said:


    I was at the event and was fortunate to speak with Pascal and his son a number of times including after his presentation to you. Pascal inspired me to figure out how to use my skills and go back and help in Africa. I’ve had the privilege to go to Zambia, Africa 3 times to facilitate and coach 3 leadership retreats in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    I will contact Pascal and see what opportunities we can create. I spoke today with my colleague who I worked with on the Zambia projects to see how we can leverage our contacts to create opportunities to help. We know it won’t be easy but the reward is many times worth the effort.

    Working in Africa is a very humbling experience.

    Thank you for a great event that provided an opportunity to meet Pascal and light a spark.


  45. Aurelio said:

    Hey, Greg… You got me crying behind the keyboard as I read your story about Pascal!… I also have been playing small in my life… I’ve recently been laid off from my job of 15 years… and just today I got the courage to agree to a divorce with my wife… both of these events were things that I had feared and that were holding me back from my potential… So… I’m taking action… Watch out World!… :-) … Aurelio.

  46. I am the healer with the divine understanding of the 22 gaps in the Canadian healthcare market and the vision, resources, tools and information to create an environment for change in Canada that will “Light a Flame to Canada’s Shame” and stop the unbecoming labelling of our miniority, indigenious and underserviced children in high priority neighboorhoods. I distribute colourful, intergenerational outdoor play & fitness equiopment for ages 12 to 100+
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    It is a divine plan that will demonstrate reproducible positive outcomes. We are already endorsed by the Ontario Parks Association and working with the Canadian Standards Association to build an standard for Canada. The Aptitude Fitness Circuit is the only internationally standardized outdoor play & fitness equipment in Canada. China is ahead of us and has been since 1998. France is ahead of the market for addressing safety and has already taken the time to assign stafety standards to outdoor fitness based on a rigourous rfp process. For medical devices, the Canadian market always looks to Europe first for guidance based on the similiarities of our markets and healthcare systems. Aptitude is the only organization that can support the capital investment for outdoor play and fitness equipment with a reimbursement strategy that will pay our communities to implement our optimal utilization strategies. We are the only vendor in the market place with a guarantee of incentives for our communities.

    Aptitude + Equipment proposes a new best practice standard for healthcare delivery in Canada to shift our alignment to the Law. Divine Nature is all there is. We support the paradigm shift. It is imminent given my divine sight, appointment, connections and the facts.

    I have been out of my creative flow and I am looking for my divine team of corporate warriors who are willing to share in my vision for change. Now I am going to do a press release to invite organzations to implment the best corporate wellness plan for 2011. Thank you!!!!

  47. Wow. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing, and for having the courage to step through the fear!

  48. Doc Seth said:

    Hey Greg,

    that reminds me of a lesson my mom taught me and my 14 brothers and sisters. Whenever we had a challenge in front of us, or were just being a little lazy or complaining about doing something and saying, “I can’t…”, my mom would just look at us and say,

    “Can’t means WON’T”

    I think that should be in a greeting card :)

    Thanks again!

    ‘Doc Seth’

  49. Fran Fusco said:

    Beautiful Greg, and I was fortunate to witness that moment and feel the power of it too. I spoke to Philip McKernan during one of the breaks and he said something about doubts regarding value creation that was helpful to me too: “That’s not for you to decide–that’s for your audience to decide.” As you eloquently stated above: we have to take the attention off of ourselves, and put it on to the people who are looking for support and solutions. Thank you–and everyone who contributed–for inspiring me to look my fears in the eye, confront them, and step into the next stage of my growth so I can experience the joy of making a difference!

  50. Janis said:

    well done, Greg. I am happy to see that civilisation is going to the next level. You helped me a lot and I am sharing that energy in my country. Lets go forward.

  51. It is very easy to make excuses when things get tough and when you’re trying to build a business that will happen. Pascal has that and much more to overcome but he’s more concerned about helping other people. We can all learn from this example.
    Thanks for sharing this Greg.

  52. Laurie said:

    I sat and told myself over and over again that I don’t want to be in the spotlight and then the spotlight got into me. So now after reading this story and letting the words resonate into my heart, I realize that it’s not what I want, it’s what’s needed. So I will do what is necessary to be extraordinary in the life that was given to me. Yes I use reasons of fear and pain to make myself believe that I don’t have anything to offer this world that could change the way we live. The more I do that the more distant I become from life. The passion is there, I just keep telling myself not to tap into it. Thank you for the story, I will now begin to make my own.

  53. Sally said:

    Thank you for your inspiring story. It is a real kick in the butt for me. Thanks for sharing

  54. kate said:

    Hi Greg,

    What a truly inspirational and motivating story. Just shows the power of one!! Thank you for the kick in the butt to realise that it’s not about my fear, it’s about my obligation to get over myself and make the decision to be become successful. Your information motivates and gives confidence to understand that at some stage everyone goes through the confidence/fear barrier, thank you for helping people to get through them.

    I have a new postive attitude!!

    Thanks so much
    God Bless
    Kate (Ireland)

  55. Bernhard said:

    Hi Greg,

    Lovely story. I have been 50 years in Africa and understand what Pascal is saying. Things there are difficult and it needs a lot of strength and courage to bring about changes in that continent. There is no limit to what we can do and I am fully behind your message. Even though age and temporary health issues are seeming obstacles in my life at the moment, I want to make a real difference in the world in the coming years. For me all the secret selfish motives need to be surrenderd so that I can become a useful instrument of something much greater than our limited mental perspectives. Great to know that there is so much that resonates in what you express.

  56. Janice said:

    Arriving back to the UK from your amazing event in Denver, I am filled with an abundance of incredible memories and moving moments. When Pascal stood up and spoke everyone was transfixed and deeply moved. I shall always remember it; the courage of this man with his son and his vision of a better future for their community is an inspiration to us all.

    When I learnt of Debbie’s guesture of giving away the iPad to Pascal I felt humbled that I had been in the company of so many incredible people. And Greg, you and Kourosh must take credit for what you created this past week. It as changed me for the good, forever.

    Thank you, thank you so much.

  57. Karma said:

    Hi Greg, This is a great story. You truly are making an impact on my life as well. I was born in a tent and grew up in a traditional Tibetan nomadic family in the Himalayas. In 1959, the Chinese army forcefully occupied Tibet and my family fled to India. We were constantly on the move to search good grassland and water for the animals- yaks, sheep, goats, and horses. The animals are essential of our lives because they provide the fundamental human needs from shelter and clothing to food. The nomadic life was hard, yet simple and peaceful. We did not have electricity. Of course, there was no modern convenience such as gas stoves, heaters, refrigerators, microwaves, bathrooms, and automobiles. Yak dung is used to cook and built fire to keep us warm in the winter. Horses are the primary source of transportation. Our tent and the clothes we wear are handmade from wool and yak hair. Food we eat every day such as tsampa (roasted barley flour), diary products and meat came from sheep, goats and yak. The nomads have developed a very strong connection and special relationship with the animals rooted from the Buddhist principals of love and compassion. Not only do the animals provide basic necessities, but also the people enjoy living a peaceful life with the animals on this most exotic remote region on earth. This is our way of life for many centuries. This is how I grew up.

    At age six, I was sent to Tibetan Children’s Village school in India. Suddenly, one day in April 1992 my life changed irrevocably. My life changed from a yak herder to a computer software engineer. I was very fortunate to have selected among the top Tibetan students in India to study in America under a full-scholarship. I completed Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Mathematics and computer Science from St. Olaf College in Minnesota and followed by master’s degree in Software Engineer from Regis University. One of my challenges is that I had no permanent residency status in U.S.A. and I had no legal right to return to my home country. In 2005, I made a decision to immigrate to Canada under professional and skills category.

    I thought I was so smart and successful. I was working as software engineer and I had a wonderful family. However, one day I found myself with no family, no job, no home and no money. I was sleeping in my car and no one to turn to for help. I was so depressed, humiliated, and ashamed that I was financially irresponsible. I was broke and depressed for days, weeks and months. At times I even thought of suicide because I could not bear the pain, failure and humiliation. I asked many questions to myself examining my mistakes and failures.

    One day I realized that I can turn my failure and hardship as an opportunity to success. I decide to create my life and financial success and not let the life happen to me. It inspires me to take new direction in life. I decided to take control of my life and learn how money worked. I began to read books, listen to personal development audios, and attend seminars and training programs to learn how money worked. Then one day I found about you and I began learning more about you. And I felt that you could help me to start my business. Even though I don’t have money to invest in your Authority Formula, I borrowed money from friends and now I am enrolled in the Authority Forumla program. And again you are truly making an impact on me (and many others) because what you teach resonate with me because I truly believe in helping people and making a difference to other people.

    Thank You so much….


  58. Melissa Hall said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Greg! Powerfully moving. It is stories like these that help me realize I have been buying into my excuses for far too long. Thank you for the awesome call to my Spirit this is today.
    Blessings to you,

  59. Hallo Greg theres a lot of fantastik people ute there I am one I have done my joerny I sofered by PTSD from a bed childhood.Fiftin hard year and I changed my hole identety.I have no excuses other then that I dont want to be some big entrepenur I like my life and I like to sit by my computer some times but now inthe spring the garden takes al my time I have just finich a class whid woman called “Dear to take a place”I work whid people like me have hade mental problems.I now it gives no money but its lot of love onconditional love.Like this Pascal his love fore his land amd his people. Sorry didnt like your last email
    Love Inger ( lerning very good englich)

  60. Chris King said:

    WOW! Greg! You have me in tears, which hardly ever happens. What an absolutely beautiful story about a wonderful man, his son, and especially you.
    I already was impressed with you and your messages, but even MORE so now. You all have made a huge difference in my life already.
    Thanks so much,

  61. Jenny said:

    wow, after reading this article, I have suddenly realised that the “excuses” are my “stoppers”, that I have an obligation to not only improve myself but to help others to step up and make a better life for themselves too….a profound “aaahaa” moment for me….thank you

    I am going to stop procrastinating and start being the person I am meant to be!

  62. Rick said:

    Greg, I will continue on with this course and complete it as I’ve already progressed from where I started. I will trust that your course works and stay focused on learniing little by little as there is a lot of work to be done also. Thanks for sharing your experience with gratitude Rick

  63. Luana Mauer said:

    This truly was a life changing event. Pascal was the first person I met on Thursday eve and you could truly feel his greatness instantly. I could not hear or understand all that he was saying to Greg but you could tell it was from the heart and very authentic. I could also tell that Greg was recieving it at the highest of vibrations.Yes there were tears as well… It gave me a glimpse into my own greatness which is why I come to these events. Thank you all for stepping up and getting us to do the same….I know it will change the world

  64. Joan Madamba said:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this. This definitely moved me to tears and the lessons … OMG! the power of making a difference in someone else’s life (even just one at a time)is beyond money. now, i have to re-learn what my parents practiced consistently. what a reminder and it pierced right through my soul.

  65. Wow, Greg thanks for posting such enlightening stories! They truly are encouraging. I must admit that I personally struggled with all of the “excuses” as to why I couldn’t move forward with my message. But then I realized that my gifting wasn’t just for me and how selfish it would be not to share it with others. So I finally took the plunge and wrote a beautiful book for new Christians. And you know what? I can’t tell you how many testimonies I received about how people were so touched by the contents of the book. For their sake, I’m glad I did. But I never would have known what I was capable of doing until I actually did it! Thanks again for the post.

    Contessa (Author of Beginning a Life of Change: What Every New Believer Must Know)

  66. Heather said:

    Wow Greg! That was definatley a powerful message. I was going through my own journey of facing my fears and learning to stop creating excuses of why I could not build a successful business. The timing has been perfect because yesterday I told myself and journaled that no longer will I play small in life, I will go after my dreams in a big way and will help and motivate as many people as possible. We all deserve to live an abundant life and we need storng leaders to show others how to achieve that. You are doing an amazing job by sharing your knowledge and stories with others. Thank you again and know YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

  67. Shanna said:

    Great Post!
    Greg, thanks for sharing. Sometimes we forget that it’s never about us, it’s about making a difference in someone else’s life!!

    This truly reminded me that my story is my gift to the world – it is ok to share!

  68. Cori said:

    Great blog Greg! I am sorry I missed the event this year, this blog here has inspired me today. I am not an entrepreneur, I am in social services, but sometimes you loose focus on how much could you do day-to-day. You reminded me that every small bit helps. SOmetimes were lucky enough to hear it, but even when were not, if were making our best effort to help people, we can change the world. Dominoe effect!! I will reshare your quote today. ;)
    “If you want to change the world,
    don’t try to change the world.

    Change one person’s world.

    Then another.

    And then another.

    THAT is how you change the world.”

  69. Greg, Your experience with Pascal brought tears to my eyes just reading about it. You are so passionate about your work and about helping people. You have given me the courage to quit hiding behind my fear of making phone calls to strangers about my business.

    I’m going to print your blog post and hang it up on my wall right in front of my eyes so I will see it every day.

    Thank you so much for your blog post. You are my Knight in Shining Armor.

  70. Jody said:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a heartfelt story…I really needed to hear it, so I also can just get over MYSELF and my stupid fears and share on!

  71. Suzie Shride said:

    WOW! Greg this is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt, demanding, call to action blogs you have written. Thank you. Thank you for being who you are and for inspiring so many of us each and every day to step into the persons we were born to be. I am truly grateful to count you as a teacher and a friend and I am so looking forward to my next year of coaching with you.

  72. Thank you Greg for capturing and recording this awesome magically and inspirationalmoment at the conference….It is even more profound on reflection.

  73. Barbara said:

    Moving story of someone willing to go the extra “miles” to learn how to help himself and others.

    Thanks for sharing!

  74. Loren said:

    I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to experience the life-changing events… However, please know that even long distance (not as long as Kenya, but long enough)you have made a difference. Since I first heard your seminars on becoming a trusted authority and making sure I connect to what it is that people truly need, and the pain they are in, I have moved much faster than ever in committing to getting my book done, starting my teleseminar series again and making sure I put a trusted team behind me so that I stop doing all this alone. You sparked this resurgence in me and I have become much more focused on the end result… to insure that people truly know that while stress may be a given in this life time, suffering is optional… I know that the support, guidance and strategies that I offer are meaningful and worthwhile and I am willing to stand up and be heard. Thank you for reigniting my flame… wishing you all the best…

  75. One of the privileges of putting together an event like yours is the chance to see things from a slightly higher angle than you normally might. You have the responsibility to keep it all together and running well. So when something like this happens, you can see it in relief for the miracle it is. We’re blessed that you decided to report on it.

    That experience must have been amazing because I’m feeling the echoes of it right now. What a revelation to see service as the highest reward in being an entrepreneur. I don’t know of anyone who’s talking about this.

    Thanks for a truly inspiring post.

  76. Wow, that is powerful. A much needed wakeup call! And it reminds me to revisit what is probably my favorite quote of all time…
    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
    - Marianne Williamson

    That’s one to digest! Worth reading daily!!!

  77. Jane Cull said:

    Wow! What a powerful story. I am sitting here in tears from having read it. This is also a timely reminder. Thank you for putting the focus on the core here, i.e. its not about me, fears, concerns, money or anything…just the message, passion and making a difference in the world. Thank you so much Greg for posting this blog. It is truly inspirational, heartfelt and authentic. Very powerful moment indeed.

  78. Hi Greg, Pascal, Kouroush and everyone else that came to Denver and contributed to this inspiring event! It is indeed time to stop making life about ourselves, our fears and concerns, and instead step into the responsibility of true dominion and stewardship with the earth – our great mother.
    The time is now, the privilege to respond to our highest human calling is right in front of us. We can indeed manifest the vision of harmony, contribution, wellbeing and prosperity.
    I’m all in.
    Geha G.

  79. JennYap said:

    I was so inspired after reading this. May you continue to be a blessing to others. Keep pouring the milk of life to the needy!


  80. Haren Barua said:

    Very encouraging and touching.

  81. Armando said:

    Thank you Greg!! After talking with Selena and hearing this inspiring story from the weekend, I’m going ahead with starting my Mentoring for Teens offering. The first step is contacting Pinnacle Pursuits and offering my presence at the Teen Journey in August. I’ll volunteer or whatever it takes to be part of the week long event.
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  82. Emmanuel said:

    Thank you Greg for Sharing your emotion. It is so true that what enrich life is not just money but giving to others. As entrepreneurs we have an incredible responsibility and privilege. We can make a difference. I can’t help the whole world but I can be the whole world for someone.




  84. Dear engaged entrepreneurs,

    Thank you, thank you! for sharing this story Greg. I am from Kenya myself and it truly inspires me to know that Pascal, a Kenyan farmer, made it all the way to the event and participated to the extent of sparking a great debate… NO EXCUSES! Its really great to read of the impact the event had on everyone who attended and gives me more motivation to one day attend one of your events.

    Thank you once again and would like to inquire how I might get in touch with Pascal. I’d like to invite him to come and share his experiences with us and ‘inspire’ us as well.

    Warm regards,

    David Wainaina

  85. Cheryl said:

    Wow! How very profound! I have been living in fear for a number of years and I have had many, many excuses for the reason that I was not living my life’s purpose. I spend the past eight days making sense of all the stories I’ve been telling myself! Determining my realities from my non-realities. I’ve had the opportunity lately in making a difference in someone else’s life and I am so thankful for the opportunity. How selfish of me not to continue to do the same for others by using the gifts that I have been blessed with. Thank you so much for the reminder:

    I have the ability to make positive things happen in someone else’s life.

    It’s my OBLIGATION to contribute value and support to other people I share the earth with.

    Keep the posts coming. They are very insightful!

  86. Janika said:

    That farmer will become a national leader. The tears were the truth of something so big your mind still cannot conceive it but your soul absolutely knows.

    I could make declarations and commitments about what I plan to do, but I have found that I am most successful when I keep my intentions to myself and when I have taken sufficient action and am on the way to achieving my intentions, I present the big surprise.

    However, please know that my intentions is to make positive change that will impact a nation. Please remember me because you and I need each other. I will contact you again when I am ready. June 27th. No excuses. The world needs me.

  87. Geoff Pratt said:

    Wow! that is a wonderful story! And yet, that is what worthwhile life is all about; helping others achieve their goals. May the Force be with you! Geoff

  88. zahava said:

    Thank you Greg for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me and remind me that it’s not about me but about them, that someone’s life is waiting there to be changed !

  89. Thanks for sharing Greg, you never know when you can make a difference in someone’s life. As you rightly said time for excuses is over.

  90. Rennus Crossley said:

    This story of Pascal has touched me and made me to realize that I have to do a lot more with my wonderful Reliv product which is capable of helping people with their health and wealth one person at a time will make a difference.

  91. I know it’s my time! I’m just sorry I was not a part of the special moments presented at the event.

    I know it’s my time and it is time for all the excuses to be over. I know I could impact those that are waiting to find value and self-worth in their own lives and I can do this by getting my non-profit off the ground.

    I know a lot of people will have their insecurities and excuses for not joining me in my endeavor that could eventually lead themselves into a better financial future with my non-profit- GPYS. This is why I know the approach, which is, as employees of GPYS, it is my job to not only inform them, but also lead the way and show them that I’m there to guide and help them become successful and most importantly find their value and self-worth- the confidence to prosper and grow with GPYS as eventually an executive and have ownership in their chosen career path with GPYS.

    I can not let those people down that will be looking up to me for all the answers. I know it will be a difficult road ahead, but I will find it in myself to gain the knowledge and put on all those different hats to not let down those that will make the organization successful.

    Thank you for letting me share this moment in my life.

    Sincerely, Gilbert Sanchez, GPYS Founder

  92. Thankyou for this passionate celebration of your own glory and humility Gregg.
    As a heroine-in-progress :) I’m touching into your greatness Gregg, to keep feeding the fire that burns in my heart. I gave up excuses with other non-serving habits and am beginning to set the world alight right now. You see I knew from a very early age, that I (like everyone) was destined to do something BIG that matters. The entrepreneurial path and the digital facility of comunications, offers the most incredible opportunities for us to make a difference. I think the ones who give bullshit excuses won’t ever be ready (unless crisis takes the veil of illusions away). The number one enemy for passion is apathy and, like bullshit, as you point out, is noxious and endemic.

    The ones who sit on the fence in fear can be drawn to shake their lives up if the motivation is strong enough. And the more we step up to our greatness, assure them that the water is lovely, and hold out our hand, the easier they can reach.

    Passion is a pre-requisite for a life well-lived and courage is passion’s dance partner. When we are called so strongly that nothing else matters, the illusions of limitations just fall away.
    You can count on me to keep singing from the rooftops.

    Dream Warrior Jenni P

  93. Elissa Joy said:

    Thanks Gary!!

  94. Elissa Joy said:

    Awesome Heather!!! Love the moving forward action and cooperative effort you have! Envisioning a really amazing successful journey for you!

    Peace and light
    Elissa Joy

  95. Elissa Joy said:

    Hurray Sandra!! We need you to put forth and bring to life your project!! Canada needs you to be a leader.. We Canadians need you to lead the way to change in the wellness paradigm!

    How fantastic.. you sure sound like you have all the peices together and can make a very surefooted and solid delivery to the right people.

    Let me know how I can support you on this..

    Elissa Joy

  96. Lea Sedan said:

    Pascal is a hero.

    “the moment one commits oneself, then providence moves too. All
    sorts of things occur to help that never otherwise would have occurred…’- Goethe

  97. Linda said:

    Thank you so much for being who you are to attract these wonderful people who really will change the world. I love how you can remove feelings of self-doubt, and replace them with a certainty that helping others is both valuable and essential.

  98. jen Rice said:

    Thanks. I needed that :)

  99. Sally said:

    I live in Kenya and I loved the story about Pascal. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks you!

  100. Alyse said:

    Wow Greg! Thank you for sharing this blog. I was unable to attend the event this year and was sooooo disappointed about it. Yet, your words at the end of this blog may have just helped me to get even more clear on my purpose in life. As a Holistic Psychotherapist & Life Coach, I often get frustrated that I can’t reach more people on a larger scale. Yet, when you shared that when you change one person, you change the world, it helped me to know that I am truly making a difference to many more than I may know. Like the picture of the milk jugs, Pascal touched you, who touched me, and so forth. Thank you again, Greg. I feel blessed to be a part of this community.

  101. Thank-you for sharing this inspirational reminder that our efforts matter. Love & Light, Ellen

  102. Cheryl B said:

    I’ve been following you for a little while now, 6+ months as well as
    Noah St. John and others mostly in the personal development area.

    Love your content by the way.

    Even though I missed “Engage Today”, I decided to get off my ‘yeah, buts’
    to attend Loral Langemeier’s workshop seminar coming in September.

    I’m getting training to become a Life Coach, so there’s two ‘Quantum Leaps’
    in my life right now as I currently work first shift in a factory.
    Not much pay there, but I conservatively saved up.

    Keep doing what you are doing. I am inspired!

  103. Len said:

    WOW – Having been to one of the Engaged Entrepreneur events in Calgary, I was most certainly impacted by ‘the energy’- but your story about Pascal and his mission – his passion – his humanity – his gift … has really added much to some small flicker on this end.
    Thank you Greg.

  104. I was at Greg’s event in Denver and this was truly one of those moments when you had to be there to get the full impact of what was going on when Pascal stepped up to the microphone and started speaking. It is very inspiring when this type of honesty and transparency is taking place right in front of you. This was not the only emotional moment at the event. There were many heart felt situations that happened over the course of the event and it was truly one of the most powerful and inspiring events I have ever attended. Great work Greg and Kourosh. You are changing lives for the better of this planet and all humanity. Keep up the good work.
    Live in love, Richard

  105. Edin said:

    I was sitting next to Pascal during the second day of the event. He was so inspirational. He told me that he never experienced this many positively minded people in one place. He said something I’ll never forget, he said that he’s 54 years old and ready for a positive change and then told me “imagine what amazing things you can do in your life at your young age”. There are really no excuses for not being great in your life, but you must follow your heart.

  106. Richard, thanks for the comment and you make a great point – there were a TON of these moments at the event, for me and everyone I’m sure. I hesitated only telling Pascal’s story because I didn’t want to NOT tell other stories .. like Ilki coming all the way from Finland to give me the portraits! And there were so many others. But I knew that Pascal’s story would really inspire a lot of people (which it seems to be doing!) So thank you and I appreciate your kind words.

  107. Barbara said:

    Just beautiful. I couldn’t sleep – its 2.30am in Australia right now – to be reading this in the silence of the night is even more profound and magical. This week I have been asked as a guest on TV -I might just be an overnight success after 40 years of hard work!! I know I can help change people’s lives, one at a time so this beautiful article is so timely. Thank you so much for sharing it and congratulations on all that you do. This is an amazing time on the planet right now as all the spiritualpreneurs give generously to help others.
    Warm regards

  108. Solange said:

    Very inspirational. I agree 100% that changing people’s lives by giving value is the only thing that truly matters in life. I know that the most important thing to me is living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. I am passionate about health and have a fantastic message to share with the world. Yet, I still find it challenging to find the venues or platforms to deliver my message to the world. I believe that good business skills are helpful to move out of playing small. In one of your messages you had an interview with T. Harv Eker and I took your advice and joined the MMI and Quantum leap to gain those business skills I need to let my message by heard. I am hopeful that I am on my way to not only do what I love, but that soon I will earn a great living doing it knowing that I am adding extraordinary value to people’s lives. Thank you for inspiring me.

  109. Constance said:

    Hi Greg, Yes I was there and felt the whole room experience a healing. As tears ran down my face I was so grateful to share in the ah ha! Thinking small serves no one, and Pascal brought that home to all of us. I have connected with him and hope I can have my Rotary Club work with him to support the financial need to bring his dreams to life. Thank you for your ability to express love as you and your speakers showed all of us throughout the weekend. PS: We have started our mastermind here in Edmonton. We have moved into serious action to help make the world a better place. Thank you!

  110. Abby Cahn Anton said:

    Greg and Kourosh and everyone!
    Deepest gratitude… Engage Today 2011 was truly outstanding from start to finish. I am stepping further into my greatness every day. I experienced a powerful transformation yesterday, seeing and breaking through ancient blocks that have been holding me back. I know that being in Denver with all of you was a powerful catalyst for me. I am excited to continue the journey and be a “success story.”

  111. ursula said:

    I agree with whatever you say If we all acted accordingly we would live in a better world

  112. Kerry Martin said:

    I was honored to have witnessed this event. It’s indescribable the feeling that was in the room as Pascal shared his story and presented Greg with that picture. POWERFUL. And all because two people had stopped letting their excuses control them. I must admit that when I got home from the event, I was highly motivated to remove some of my own excuses, and this past week I worked more ON my business and passion than I have over the last 3 months! Talk about feelings of ‘success!’ Thank-you Greg, Pascal and ALL those who made Engage Today such a powerful event.

  113. Greg, I witnessed this at the event and I do say it was truly such a remarkable experience.

    Everyday is a creation and opportunity. The excuses we have stem from the past fears. This moment in the present, all you have is now. Excuses do not exist when you are present and when you are connected to what is important to you. When you are connected to what is important to you, the thing to ponder is why not?. Thanks for this reminder.

  114. Thanks Greg for sharing this with us and it is proof of the fact that there are only interrelationships in the Universe.
    This is LOVE at its best among all people!!!
    Keep up your excellent work!.

  115. Cherry said:

    I would love to beleive you. Sadly sitting here in NZ and reading so many affilifate messages and product sales that offer ‘the answers’ I have become very cynical. However I do whole heartedly believe in what you are saying here. Just not sure that it won’t lead me down to another gaggle of email sellers.

  116. Helga said:

    What an amazing and inspirational story! I believe by helping others we help ourselves heal internally. It is time for all of us “to step up and get on with it” there is no more time to waste….The time is NOW in this moment. Three points to remember are: 1.Intention 2.Focus 3.Action that is the formula given to me by my Higher Self. I remember the saying of Nelson Mandela and Marianne Williamson of our fear that we are inadequate……Its time to accept, know and “BE” the creators that we are!

    Thank you all and Blessings

  117. Isabelle Feyfant said:

    Wow, it is amazing! I wish I had been there to witness so much love,courage and dedication.
    Thank you for sharing

  118. Lisa said:

    Sounds really great. i am doing this in my current “day” job, everyday. The message is solid.

  119. Hojn said:

    Greg, your words speak volumes. I manage an adult literacy center in NYC and though I push, pull and inspire my learners, I realized I need a bit of pushing and pulling to raise my game to help my learners. Thanks for the blast of cold water in the face, needed it.

  120. Froy said:

    Hi Greg,

    You really did mourn me with this story!

    What a fantastic changes you are eliciting by sharing your wisdom with the world.

    Many blessings to you Greg and to your family.

  121. Thanks Greg – I cried reading this message. I woke this morning feeling a little disheartened because I am not making money in my business which was set up with the intention of giving people their voice. I have been playing a small game and expecting people to get where I am coming from and flock to me, but I really got from your message how I need to get out there and inspire them to find their voice at my recording studio. Thank you. I have been hiding behind my fear of rejection and failure but I will step up now and open up with courage.

    Susan from The Vocal Chord in Cork – Southern Ireland!

  122. Ramesh Kumar Matta said:

    Though not present at your seminar, I could connect with all humility, with your or for that matter Pascal’s endeavour to help others.

    With the kind of upbringing I had in Mumbai,India, my proud privilege of 27 years association with Johnson & Johnson, India at their plant at Mulund added more & more to my kitty of knowledge.

    & it gives me immense satisfaction at 71 today to unilaterally & voluntarily pass on “Knowledge Droplets” from my ocean of knowledge to upcoming, young inexperienced/immature MBA’s in their pursuit of furthering their career.

    Some of us in India strongly believe that donating VIDYA (Indian Language = Knowledge) to the next generation is the BIGGEST Social Service for the growth of your country in particular & the world in general.

    Wishing you continued success in your endeavour of lifting people all over the world to scale taller & taller heights. AMEN.

    Ramesh Kumar Matta, M.Sc., D.M.S., C.M.M.

  123. Ramesh Kumar Matta said:

    I am able to connect to the message of helping 1 & all since at 71, day in & day out, I keep doing the same by passing on “knowledge droplets” to people.

    Ramesh Kumar Matta, M.Sc., D.M.S., C.M.M.

  124. Ramesh Kumar Matta said:

    It feels nice since I keep helping people day in & day out at 71.

    Ramesh kumar Matta, M.Sc., D.M.S., C.M.M.

  125. Lynden said:

    Greg, this was an amazing blog and thanks for sharing it with us. What an amazing experience that musdt have been for all of you. This is very timely for me, so thank you. Yes time to step up & step into my power and be me!

  126. Colin said:

    Yes, I got it…and have shining eyes to prove it. You and your “work” are a blessing; to me and to many. A simple thank you is all you’ll need to know you are reaching people, because you reached me with your words. Thank you. Colin

  127. Greg,
    That was a moving one on Pascal. It simply underscores the fact that a typical African does not need alms! Since I cam across your blog and the principles behind the Trusted Authority and the TAF,I could see the roots in the Scripture and message in 2 Corinthians Chapter 9:8-11. There is no better way to grow than make a decision to be a Sower or HELPER. I look forward to making your events someday.

    In the meantime,I want to tell you that I do truly value your work.

  128. Louis said:

    Thank you very much for the story Greg, much appreciated.
    Please keep these things coming, they are more than helpful.
    You are an excellent global coach.

  129. duncan said:

    Thanks for the reply, let me tell you it was worth it in more ways then one. I think you have something very special going on Greg and take my hat off to you for making it happen. Looking forward to my suceess now and letting you know my story later on this year. Cheers Dunk.

  130. Solaya said:

    Thank you for sharing such an inspirational message of hope and courage. It nourished me for another day in moving forward with my own work focusing on helping, sharing and vulnerability. Solaya

  131. WoW Greg! I didn’t get through that with dry eyes. God bless you. You make a difference to me. It’s my prayer that I can make a difference to someone – everyday.

  132. September said:

    hi Greg
    thanks for the inspiring story! I love your passion. You are so right…we often all play far too small and yet we are each capable of climbing to great heights…we are each a genius. I am releasing my genius this year and soaring to heights I have not yet dared to dream!
    With gratitude and blessings.

  133. Well said my friend. And, we must start with ourselves and move out from there.

  134. Beverley Anderson said:

    Thanks for the push, while reading tears were flowing down my face. At the awesome impact you have in our lives. There should be no excuses after reading your message today. I am priviledged to have had you cross my path and intend to aquire the skills you share. Thanks For Sharing These gifts. we sometimes are not aware of the blessings that others have on our lifes. The world needs us. Thank you.

  135. Ilene Dillon said:

    Pascal’s story is fantastic, Greg. Thank you for sharing it. I am sad I was unable to attend this event due to prior commitments. My grandfather was a farmer, so I have much feeling for this story. At this time, I am fully committed to helping others create harmony and balance in their lives–at work, home and in the community—through understanding, working with and using their emotions as they tools they are designed to be. Each person’s life improves as they master emotions. Through each person mastering emotions, the life of a community, a town, a nation and the whole world comes into balance. What if people now at war understood the signal anger was giving them, and sought to work with and resolve their own lives through heeding that signal for decision and action? We’d be at peace! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m glad you had such a fantastic event. ~~~Ilene

  136. David Smith said:


    I had lost a little traction on my alignment and power within to do big things and this really hit a button for me. Just had a second child unde 2 and been so caught up in sleep deprivation I had stopped bathing in the gratirude bath and got a little insular but no it is time to get going and the chnage the world comment mde me tingle..



  137. Jim Franz said:

    Incredibly simple and POWERFUL message. Most of our issues are simply products of our overactive minds trying to protect us and keep us where we are comfortable. We do have an obligation to step up and be all that we can be and to bring value and contribution to the entire planet. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on getting that most precious gift of seeing that what you are doing is really making a difference out there!

    All the best to you, Pascal and everyone out there working hard to make a difference,

  138. Debra said:

    Cherry, it’s a good thing that Pascal didn’t choose to live with your cynicism (I’m sure he had many reasons to), nor did the other nearly 200 people who counted pennies and made difficult travel plans from 14 countries, to join in Denver. Also, thousands of entrepreneurs use our intuition, to believe that Greg is authentic and genuine, and our passion and determination, to believe that Greg and Kourosh (through The Authority Formula) want to help us on our journey to greatly helping the world with what we do. And they have made (and are making) a great difference to the thousands who have trusted them!
    Pascal’s story and contribution to the event was a beautiful thing, and was only one of many. I found Greg to be even more genuine and authentic in person (wow!). I hope you’ll find a way to choose to live with trust…because when you choose to live with cynicism – you’ll find you won’t be disappointed and I know that you want more than that!

  139. Desmond said:





  140. Joey Ragona said:

    WOW Greg, I did not know about Debbie…talk about a selfless act!!! Incredible people in that room those days and I too joined you in the emotion of the event a few times throughout. As you already know, this event was the beginning of my journey with you and Kourosh and to stop playing business and thinking small. I have stepped over the excuses of ‘not being in the right mind-set’ and I am trusting my faith and desire to change the world as you are. See you very soon!!!

  141. Denise Wiens said:

    Thanks Greg for this email. I was at your live event, and witnessed with my own eyes and ears what you described….it was an earth shattering moment of real love and connection to one’s heart…everyone’s heart that was in the room, and there had to be over 200 people there…Our faces were beaming with love and adoration, and shiny with fresh tears for the true nature of why we were all there…to help one another…to be vessels in the evolution of man, to change the world one person at a time, to shed the masks and dig in to why we were put on this earth in the first place. I had met Pascal prior to that moment, and I could easily see his greatness in his quiet yet powerfully focused driven he was to help his fellow man, and his country and his family especially…He was the icing on the cake to end your life transforming event..He was the perfect summary of why you do what you do and why we were all there…I have been given a new light on humanity…prior to the event, I had a false belief or concept toward society that our sense of connectedness has been shattered for the most part by all the horrors going on in the world, and that not many people give a shit anymore about anything…that it is totally a dog eat dog world out there. Your message from the start has been the opposite of that, and I became very interested. I had to come to the event to see it with my own eyes that there are people who care and people who are really making a difference in this world by caring about one another. I had to see with my own eyes that you were as authentic as you claim. And I must tell you that it was an experience that was over the top….mindblowing, to say the least. You did not disappoint me. In fact, you delivered 150%….you are what you say and more…and I can’t thank you and Karoush and your enrouage enough for all your efforts…I thank you all for allowing God to work through you to rekindle mankind’s natural love and desire to help one another…you changed my life at that event…your guests that spoke at this event are enlightened, and just amplified everything you teach…they are all angels in the light, singing for the same cause…what a nice feeling I have about the future of man…this new consciousness gives me hope for the generations to come….Thank you for sharing your vision…Much gratitude and light, Denise Wiens

  142. Ann Hoffman said:

    Yesterday, I learned that someone I had taken through my process over a year ago completely reshaped her life and is now living a life of joy and fulfillment. It was such a gift to know that she is now aligned with what matters most to her and knowing that I helped her reach this place was breathtaking. It has inspired me to move my business along because I really do make a difference – I just didn’t realize it.

  143. Kim said:

    Well, first of all, it took me three tries and 20 minutes to get through reading your post Greg….I kept tearing up! What an amazing story and message. I really loved what you said about not trying the change the world, but changing one person’s world…then another. That really helps me keep things in perspective and to stay focused on my goals. Thanks for sharing!

  144. Manfred said:

    Hi Greg,
    this was a very touching story.
    I can tell you that I am starting a new business to help others to success. I have found a partner who has the right stomach feeling for my idea and now we are going for it to make it real.
    It is an idea for marketing internationally, but we will test the concept on our local market first this year.
    I would also give you credit for some part of the idea and I shall inform you about the successful marketing and effect.
    Thanks for your great support to the world.
    Best regards

  145. Greg
    Thank you for sharing this very POWERFUL story.

    This site is one I have recommended to countless entrepreneurs – regardless of where they are at personally or professionally.
    It is quite simply one of my favourite resources for myself and for my clients.

    You are an excellent speaker and teacher.
    I know through working with your clients, how powerful your coaching is as well.

    Bravo to you for being such a stellar example for how we should be – not only as entrepreneurs, but as human beings.

    With gratitude,
    Natasja Fischer

  146. WOW…thanks for this…EVERYTHING you do is awesome!

  147. Tom from Calgary said:

    Greg thanks for the insights. I was humbled and inspired by Pascals story. Thanks for posting on the blog as it is again a reminder to step into the opportunities in my world and away from the excuses that sit near by and keep me idle.

  148. Trion Victory said:

    I was touched by the generosity of the lady who gave the ipad. The event sounded awesome.

  149. Trion Victory said:

    I was touched by the generosity of the lady who gave the ipad. The event sounded awesome.

  150. Ewa said:

    Very touchy story, remarkable and inspiring. Thanks for sharing
    Best regards

  151. Jason Knight said:

    I know what you mean, personally I want to become one of the dentists in Victoria, BC. I think that I could make an awesome dentist, I just need to kick myself into gear and work for it.